Faux Leather Ceiling Tiles

The newest addition to our range there are currently only a few choices but new products are being added in the near future.

3D Faux Leather Tiles are great for walls or ceilings in residential or commercial buildings. Visually they cannot be distinguished from real leather and they have first class soundproofing qualities. They are perfect for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Movie Theaters, Home Theaters and Basements.

The panels are made out of 3 layers

  • Top Layer fire and water proof Polyurethane
  • Feeler sound and water proof fire resistant Polyurethane
  • Back Board fire and sound proof PVC

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DCT LRT 20 Faux Leather Tile

DCT LRT 08 Faux Leather Tile

DCT LRT 13 Faux Leather Tile